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These are a few selections of software I have developed, as a sample of my experience, and hopefully to represent my abilities well.

Most of these were coded for personal use, usually to solve or investigate an immediate problem, and often to learn a programming language. Most are therefore not complete enough to be generally useful, lack user-level documentation, or have other lacunae.

Generally, I have not licensed these; however, you may download, read, and run these examples freely for the purposes of evaluation. Although I believe them to be relatively bug-free, I offer no warranty of any kind. Don't try to run a nuclear power plant with this stuff.


I have been programming Common Lisp for several years of spare time, now, and generally favor it when no major constraints rule it out.


I've been recently working on learning Python. My vehicle for doing so is to re-implement my multi-threaded ChaosNET client in Python.