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COMFY-6502 is a port of Henry G. Baker's COMFY-6502 compiler to Common Lisp. COMFY is a "medium-level" assembly language which combines a clean but simple set of control primitives and Lispy macros with conventional machine code.

Baker published his work in his ACM Sigplan Notice column; including an Emacs Lisp implementation. (CFYCMP1.LSP.diff contains my patches to fix the genbrc routine and clean up the UPC example.) There is also a partial implementation in a different Lisp in CFYCMP.LSP. The Emacs Lisp implementation is covered under the ACM Software Copyright and License Agreement. At least until I write a manual, Baker's articles are the best introduction. You can peek at the comfy-tests.lisp file to see some of the enhancements I have made so far. TODO.txt contains some plans for future enhancements.

I should also mention Sassy, an implementation of Baker's ideas, in Scheme, targeting the Intel x86 (protected mode).

Git Repository

I have created a git repository for this package at github.

If you wish to fetch the current version, you may do so by executing the following command:
git clone git://

Component files

The following files are a snapshot as of 29 April 2008.

Bibliographic Citations

COMFY Implementation

COMFY Theory