Joseph A. Oswald, III, Ph.D. Cell: (617) 359-5910

110 River Dr., Apt. 731, Jersey City, NJ 07310



Technical Experience


Wireless Applications Engineer        Teradyne, Inc., Wireless Business Unit  Sept. 2000-

Provided technical support for test engineers using Teradyne FLEX, Catalyst, and A5xx automatic test equipment (ATE) to test wireless RF and microwave integrated circuits. Demonstrated cell-phone power amplifier test capability of FLEX platform. Developed first wireless FLEX application (for ISM-band FSK transmitter) and first quad-site, high-volume FLEX program for WLAN 802.11b/g transceiver.


Demonstrated product features to potential customers, playing a key role in multiple customer wins. Developed code to implement 802.11a OFDM WLAN modulation standard. Provided on-site training to customer engineers, and technical support to sales and marketing teams.


Led technical team to diagnose and resolve noise figure testing problems for demanding customer. Developed noise figure calibration procedure for FLEX tester. Developed novel algorithm for reducing effects of interference in noise measurements. Implemented and modeled low-phase noise RF frequency reference. Developed code library to support external GPIB synthesizer in customer application programs. Codified customer requirements for software and hardware engineers. Diagnosed problems reported by customer and field engineers.


Infrared Photonic Crystal Filters      Harvard U., MIT Lincoln Laboratory                June 1998-Oct. 2000  

Designed metallo-dielectric photonic crystal filters for infrared applications, using analytical models and finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) electromagnetic simulations of filter structures. Measured performance of photolithographically fabricated filters by FTIR spectroscopy. Experience in methods for microwave and thin-film optical filter design. Modified, adapted, and optimized Fortran code on SPARC/Solaris architecture used for FDTD simulations. Wrote object-oriented Common Lisp (CLOS) software to generate CAD files for photolithography masks. Wrote Matlab code for thin-film optical filter design, and to parse proprietary data formats for FTIR spectroscopy. Wrote Tcl/Tk code to collect and display experimental data using BLT widgets.


Low Temperature Electronics           Harvard U., Department of Physics                   Sept. 1994-June 1998

Researched electronic relaxation in normal metals using superconductor tunnel junctions. Constructed self-contained 300 mK He-3 fridge with fiber-optic feedthrough. Experience in photolithography, clean-room microfabrication, vacuum systems, cryogenic design, low-level signal measurement, and data collection and analysis using LabView and Igor Pro. Experience with Ti:sapphire mode-locked laser, producing femtosecond pulses for use in non-linear pump-probe measurements. Wrote Macintosh Common Lisp code to convert data formats, control GPIB devices, and control Igor Pro through low-level process-to-process communication. Wrote Perl scripts to parse web server logs. Used Fortran libraries to simulate thermal conduction in samples.


Computer Programming                    Duke U. Medical Center, Radiation Physics      Dec. 1989-Aug. 1993

Programming work on a system that allows oncologists to plan and simulate treatment of patients with 3D graphics based on CT scans. Programmed in C (UNIX) on Stardent Titan vector mini-supercomputers. X Window experience. Implemented interface to AVS visualization software.


Computer Skills


C/C++, Common Lisp, Fortran, Matlab, Tcl/Tk, Perl, UNIX, TeX/LaTeX, Visual Basic.

A software portfolio is available at




Harvard University                            Cambridge, MA                                               Sept. 1993-Oct. 2000

Ph.D., Physics (Oct. 2000)     Advisors: Prof. Michael Nahum, Dr. Simon Verghese

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship

M.A., Physics (June 1995)                                                     


Duke University                                 Durham, NC                                                    Sept. 1988-Dec. 1992

            B.S., Electrical Engineering and Physics, summa cum laude.           

            Graduated with Distinction in Physics, Distinction in Electrical Engineering.

            GPA: 3.9 out of 4.0. Ranked 6 out of 213. Sherrerd Award for Engineering.

Honor Societies: Eta Kappa Nu (Elec. Engineering), Tau Beta Pi (Engineering), Phi Beta Kappa.

            E.E. curriculum emphasized digital and computer engineering; CMOS VLSI project course



Other Experience


Teaching Fellow                                 Harvard University        Sept. 1993-May 1994, June 1997-Sept. 1998

Physics 1a and 1b. White Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

Physics 123 Laboratory Electronics.


Peer-reviewed Journal Articles


J. A. Oswald, Bae-Ian Wu, K. A. McIntosh, L. Mahoney, S. Verghese ‘Dual-band infrared metallo-dielectric photonic crystal filters,’ Appl. Phys. Lett. 77, 2098 (2000).


Bae-Ian Wu, E. Yang, Jin Au Kong, J. A. Oswald, K. A. McIntosh,  L. Mahoney, S. Verghese ‘Analysis of photonic crystal filters by the finite-difference time-domain technique,’ Microw. Opt. Technol. Lett. 27, 81 (2000).


Conference Proceedings


J. A. Oswald, Bae-Ian Wu, K. A. McIntosh, S. Verghese ‘Metallo-dielectric photonic crystals for infrared applications,’ Conference On Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) 2000 JMB5, TOPS 39, 124.


J. A. Oswald, Bae-Ian Wu, K. A. McIntosh, S. Verghese ‘Metallo-dielectric photonic crystal design for infrared applications,’ Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS) 2000, 123.


Bae-Ian Wu, Y. E. Yang, Jin Au Kong, K. A. McIntosh, S. Verghese, J. A. Oswald ‘Analysis of photonic crystal filters by the finite-difference time-domain technique,’ Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS) 2000, 124.


Other Conference Presentations


J. A. Oswald, S. Verghese, M. Nahum ‘Femtosecond spectroscopy of electrons in normal metals at 300 mK’ American Physical Society March Meeting 1999, UC 26 8.


J. A. Oswald, R. Burke ‘Reducing electromagnetic interference in noise figure measurements’ Teradyne Users Group (TUG) 2001.


J. A. Oswald, M. Carr ‘Wireless Testing on FLEX’ Teradyne Users Group (TUG) 2003.


J. A. Oswald, K. Stick ‘RF Power Amplifier Testing on FLEX’ Teradyne Users Group (TUG) 2006.